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Wood paneling, tongue-and-groove boards or similar material installed between a baseboard and a chair rail. 

A voluntary relinquishing of certain rights or claims. 

Walk-out basement
A feature that allows a door to open onto ground level. 

A buyer's final inspection of the home to determine if conditions in the purchase agreement have been satisfied. 

A legally binding promise to do something in the future. 

Watery areas as swamps, marshes and floodplains. Wild deed 

An improperly recorded deed. 

The most basic legal document outlining the disposition of a person's estate in the event of death. 

Window light
An individual pane of glass. 

Window seat
A bench built under an interior window. 

Window well
A curved, corrugated steel insert used to isolate basement windows below the soil line from moisture. 

Window well covers
Curved plastic covers designed to be installed on top of a window well to cover the opening. 

Wraparound mortgage
A loan to a buyer for the remaining balance on a seller's first mortgage and an additional amount requested by the seller. Payments on both loans are made to the lender who holds the wraparound loan.

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